For years, the process of planning a commercial build-out has been a slow moving and somewhat tedious game of guessing and waiting.

It consists of handing off an idea to one professional who might make a few changes before sending it off to the next one. This typically results in a great deal of time spent and gaps in communication that could have prevented unnecessary work, frustration, and expense.

When your company is preparing for a move or expansion, make the build-out process as efficient as possible by doing one very simple thing.

Get all of your professionals into a room at the same time. With modern technology, this could mean a video conference if an in-person meeting is too difficult to schedule. Have an open discussion with your company VP’s, your real estate professional, architect, contractor, and any other relevant people who may be involved.

Come to an agreement at the start about timing, expectations, and money.

This puts everyone on the same page and gets the ball rolling in the right direction. Rather than only focusing only on their own small piece of the puzzle, the bigger picture is known to all. Honest feedback and discussion can take place to establish workable parameters and, ideally, everyone’s part becomes a little easier.

An added bonus.

Collaboration is a great networking opportunity. It is to your advantage and theirs that they each come to this meeting with their best feet forward. Rather than hiding behind a desk and noting a name on the paperwork, they get to shake hands, talk, expand their knowledge and co-create a great working environment. Win-win.

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