Commissions & Rental Rates

Many tenants think a tenant rep’s commission will increase the rental rate on their deal. This is absolutely not the case, but Landlord’s will be happy if you represent yourself.


Office Space Calculator

Use this space calculator to estimate the most efficient office space floor plan for your needs. Each element of the office can be estimated, including offices, conf rooms, break rooms, reception, etc.

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Lease Process Timelines

Clients often under estimate the amount of time needed to complete a lease renewal or office relocation. Check our standard leasing timelines to help keep time on your side.

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Oxford Partners Brochure

Check out the Oxford Partners company brochure for more information on our firm and how we can help save you money and make finding your next office a breeze.


8 Important Lease Clauses

This short article provides a great summary of 8 key lease clauses & provisions that all good tenant reps know to negotiate for their clients.

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Sample Lease Abstract

This is a sample of the work we perform for all clients during the lease negotiations for a renewal or execution of a new office lease.

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Sample Purchase Analysis

Purchasing commercial real estate is a significant financial decision. We assist clients throughout the entire process with detailed financial analyses and expert guidance. This is a sample of one such buy versus lease analysis.

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Guide to Leasing Process

This is a helpful leasing process flow diagram that clients can refer back to when considering next steps.

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Square Foot Assumptions

This is a quick one page guide to making assumptions for each element of your office space plan. This can be helpful when touring properties as well as during initial planning stages.

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Tenant Rules of Thumb

This is a tenant’s guide to the Top 10 Most Asked questions about Architectural guidelines & building codes.