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Our clients frequently turn to us for assistance with Office Space Planning and Design questions. The first point to consider when looking at the office space planning and design is efficiency. How well is your firm utilizing the space you occupy? Could you find ways to better use your space without expanding and leasing more square footage? Oxford Partners works with a number of highly-qualified commercial architects and commercial interior designers which can assist with this process. As a starting point, we recommend using our Office Space Calculator below to quickly assess how efficient your office space design really is.

The Office Space Calculator tool below can be used to determine the most efficient amount of space necessary to account for all must-have elements of your office. Simply adjust the quantities of each item (Offices, Conference Rooms, Reception, etc), and if desired you may also adjust the dimensions. This can be a useful exercise when beginning the relocation process. Tenants should consider exactly which space elements they require, and identify others which may be optional. A fine-tuned office space calculation can clarify for tenants a rough starting point for size considerations and budgets.

When using the office space calculator keep in mind that multi-tenant office buildings will require an add-on factor. This Core Factor is an add-on percentage estimate of the common areas within an office building that tenants are allocated. This number may vary, but 15-18% is typical. For an in-depth explanation of the add-on factor, check out our blog article on the topic here.

Note that Circulation Area is an estimated percentage of space needed for hallways and room between workstations to allow staff to comfortably work and move around the office.

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