Lease Renewals & Relocations

Planning to stay where you are, or moving to a new building?

Both of these processes can take many months to complete, depending on the terms of your current lease and whether you plan to relocate. The decision to negotiate an office lease is often taken when there’s only a short time remaining in the rental period, which can reduce your chances of getting a good deal.

There are several ways we can support you to negotiate an office lease. If you’re unsure whether to renew your current lease or relocate entirely, we’ll analyze your options. If you’re in talks with a landlord regarding rent prices, protections, and provisions, we’ll help you secure the best terms. And, if you’ve just taken out a new lease, we’ll review it with you and ensure you fully understand it.

Other parts of the process we can aid you with:

  • Searching for the perfect office space, according to your company’s needs.
  • Understanding the financial, practical, and company culture impacts of relocating.
  • Drawing up a likely timeline for the total renewal/relocation process.

Prepare for your company’s future with confidence.

Our professionals will provide all the assistance and information you need to successfully negotiate an office lease – and all initial consultations are 100% free-of-charge.