Escape Your Lease

Leave behind leases that are unfair, overpriced, or otherwise problematic.

Is your current office lease causing you trouble?

Our expert advice – delivered in the form of our ESCAPE reports – can help you to get out of a commercial lease. We’ll assist you in finding solutions that won’t leave you in debt or liable for the remaining period of an old rental, and making the transition to your new premises as easy as possible.

Fully understanding the issues you could face is key when you’re seeking to get out of a commercial lease. That’s why we’ll present you with the pros and cons of all potential options, such as surrendering the lease, terminating it, or simply walking away. We know that each situation is unique, and approach each one with all the attention and professionalism it requires.

We can also help you to get out of a commercial lease by:

  • Exploring reduction of your rental costs through subletting all or part of your office space.
  • Negotiating with your landlord to determine accepted terms for ending the lease.
  • Helping to find new tenants for the building(s), if required.

Time to set yourself free?

If you’re ready to get out of a commercial lease, contact us today. Our ESCAPE reports are provided on a no-fee, no-obligation basis: you’re free to decide on the solution that’s best for you and your business.