If your company leases office space, you could be overpaying in insurance costs. While umbrella insurance coverage is commonly included
The unique circumstances of the parties and space on offer combined with a landlord’s position within a market can make
The economy ebbs and flows. The real estate market is particularly vulnerable to its changes. But there are a couple
For years, the process of planning a commercial build-out has been a slow moving and somewhat tedious game of guessing
What Is a Tenant Improvement Work Letter? The tenant improvement work letter is essentially a contract to complete construction work
A property owner decides what expenses get passed through to his or her tenants. Understandably, they want to get as
Effectively planning and timing your company’s real estate transactions can mean the difference between whether your money stays in your
Today’s digital world demands that most companies focus their real estate on maximizing utilization and efficiency while trimming costs. Here
Phantom space has nothing to do with a building being haunted. But it is scary to think of the money
Ethonomics is the study of the delicate balance between ethics and economics. It has become somewhat of a buzz word
normal wear and tear
What is the “reasonable wear and tear” condition of a premises? It is important to understand your landlord’s definition of
Many companies believe that they must live with whatever terms are stated in their existing lease until it expires. However,
Rental Rate Structure The structure of your lease depends on a few factors. It’s important to understand how your lease
Commencement Dates The Commencement Date language in your commercial lease agreement is a particularly important detail not to be overlooked.
The Major Difference Between a Sublease and Assignment Provision An assignment clause in your commercial lease can protect your company
Prevent Overpayment of Your Company's Leasehold Expenses Real estate and leasehold expenses are among the most impactful upon your company’s