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Solving the toughest challenges in commercial real estate for our office and industrial clients.
Solving the toughest challenges in commercial real estate for our office and industrial clients.
Solving the toughest challenges in commercial real estate for our office and industrial clients.
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Commercial Leasing

Tenants deserve to have a knowledgeable commercial real estate agent working with their best interest in mind. Providing brokerage services to occupiers of office and industrial commercial real estate is the core focus of our business, and we’ve been doing it for more than 20 years. We can assist your firm with:

– Renewing an existing commercial lease

– Relocating to a new property

– Opening additional locations

Purchase or Sell a Property

When you want to get away from making lease payments we assist clients with acquiring new commercial office or industrial property, or selling existing properties for the best possible price. Through our experience and market knowledge we can manage the entire process end-to-end. We can help:

– Purchase a new commercial building

– Sell any commercial properties you own

– Purchase land to develop a building

Strategy Development

Our clients frequently seek guidance with challenging business decisions in which real estate plays a major part. We provide strategy development to assist our clients in making those critical business decisions to ensure the best outcomes financially and operationally.


– Subleasing space or early exit of lease

– Expansion & consolidation

– Managing multiple locations/portfolio

– Reduction of Rent Expense


Learn more about how we locate and negotiate the best deals on office, industrial and flex properties.

Oxford Partners Free Market Report Survey

Contact us today for a FREE, customized and tailored market survey to jump start your search to find office space or industrial space.


Highly recommended! We were in an urgent need of assistance in relocating our facility, and Chase was just beyond helpful throughout the whole process. Very professional, knowledgeable, and always beyond our expectations. If anyone is in a need of finding a commercial property, I would definitely recommend Oxford Partners.

Sean Choi Avatar Sean Choi
June 25, 2022

Great experience working with Ryan! Would recommend.

Amit Mittal Avatar Amit Mittal
June 18, 2022

Chase McAteer at Oxford Partners: I met Chase McAteer when I was looking for a leasing space for my therapy center in 2020 in Houston Texas, just at the start of the Pandemic. After our initial meeting I knew that he was the person who was going to get me what I needed because of his knowledge, helpfulness and understanding of exactly what I needed. Chase sent me a list of more than a dozen listings and we worked together on a shortlist with very specific details of what I liked, needed, and required for my center. Due to unforeseen personal circumstances and the pandemic, I was unable to open the center in my area and was forced to look at areas outside my residential area and with no understanding or knowledge of the market and locations. I almost gave up, but with Chase this was not an option! He went above and beyond taking time away from his family to take a trip to San Antonio, New Braunfels, and San Marcos where we spent 2 days touring between 8 to 10 listings all in great locations. Chase arranged the tours, got the floor plans arranged all the negotiations to get the best deal that worked with my budget and very specific needs. I cannot recommend him enough. He understood my needs, the needs of the landlord, the importance of deadlines and his negotiations skills to get me the best deal was phenomenal! If you are looking for someone who has THE GREATEST WORK ETHIC, makes you feel like you the ONLY client he is working with even though he has many other clients he is taking care of simultaneously than Chase is your agent. He is exceptional in what he does, is a pleasure to work with, extremely respectful of your time and his attention to details makes the process seamless. He checked and double checked everything for me and to say he is patient and kind is an understatement! His marketing and networking connections are not only in his area or neighborhood or state but extends to many other states as well. Again, I want to commend Chase on his experience, availability, attention to detail, and proactiveness since these are all the qualities you need as a client who wants the best deal during these challenging times. Thank you, Chase! Wishing you many more years of success. Premala Naidoo

Premala Naidoo Avatar Premala Naidoo
May 9, 2022
Houston Market Reports & Research

Hiring the right tenant rep means having access to their in-depth knowledge of the local market. At Oxford Partners we prepare quarterly Market Reports for Industrial and Office to keep you informed on what’s changing and trending. Check out our Research page for more information.


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